Environmental issues are often an item on the agenda of the business and social life. We know that the environment belongs to all of us. Hence important environmental measures must be taken and it is essential to focus on this issue sensitively.

The business world and particularly industrial companies have great responsibilities in avoiding environmental impacts that may arise.

Efesan Group Companies are aware of this great responsibility. Our corporation considers the precautions against environmental issues among its priorities and fulfills its principles and commitments.

These principles and commitments can be grouped under the following topics:

1. Carrying out activities with environmental impact in accordance with current laws and regulations

Compliance with laws and regulations is ensured by the participation of all Efesan Group employees. Changes in laws and regulations are watched and processes, activities, equipment and products are planned for future compliance. For this purpose we practice Cleaner Production Technologies and Best Available Techniques (BAT).
Efesan Group complies with local laws and regulation as well as adopting and complying with EU Reach Regulation and UN Global Compact and instructing the suppliers to make sure that they also comply with it.

2. Proactive approach to prevent environmental risks

Efesan Group Companies develop preventive measures by identifying the risks thanks to their efficiency oriented approach and they take precautions to avoid possible environmental risks as a result of their activities.

3. We ensure efficient use of our resources

Efficient use of resources and energy is a priority for Efesan Group Companies. Our corporation aims to use the natural resources, raw materials, auxiliary materials and energy rationally, protect natural resources and ensure the most efficient use of these resources. Efesan Group Companies are making serious efforts for waste reduction and recycling as far as possible

4. Raise awareness of goods and services suppliers and our employees

Our organization is aware that environmental problems can be minimized in societies with a high level of knowledge and awareness. Therefore we are making efforts to instruct and raise the awareness of all our employees. Furthermore, Efesan Group Companies consider its business partners, suppliers and customers as part of the environment and make efforts to raise their environmental consciousness.

5. Emergency planning and taking all possible precautions to ensure the Occupational Health and Safety

Our organizations implements Occupational Health and Safety Management for protecting life and property security against any hazards and risks. Dangers and potential risks are identified in advance and the necessary precautions are taken to minimize the risks of accidents. Risk points are continuously reviewed and revised through technological development and new investments.

6. Prevention of environmental pollution, continuous and sustainable improvement and development in Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management

In the light of the above mentioned, Efesan Group maintains its efforts to give a livable environment to the future generations.