Efesan Group’s quality policy is built upon highest level of goods and services quality, customer satisfaction, following the technology, training and team spirit, constant improvement, work health and environmental consciousness. Our corporation carefully and constantly implements this understanding of quality in all the manufacturing and service provision in all the industries it is operating in.

QUALITY OF GOODS AND SERVICES: It is the primary objective of all our divisions and employees to make sure that the goods and services that we offer in all the industries we are operating in are compatible with national and global standards and safe.  

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: All our units and employees adopted the principle that the definition of customer includes both internal and external customers and that their demands and needs are to be met even by exceeding the expectations, developing and manufacturing goods based on lengthy research and offering high quality service in all the industries we are operating in.

EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION:We are aware that the real basis of customer satisfaction is the “employee satisfaction” and we provide a peaceful work environment for all Efesan Group employees where we support their personal and professional training. 

FOLLOWING THE TECHNOLOGY:To ensure that our goods and services are world class, we closely monitor all kinds of technological developments and we implement this approach in all of our divisions.

TRAINING AND TEAM SPIRIT:We give priority to team spirit and training in every level and we operate with support and solidarity in both organizational and structural levels.

CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT: We closely follow the requirements of the modern era and adapt our service understanding and production targets to the changing conditions and technologies while we continue to improve by renewing the corporate structure at the same time.